Hello World! It’s Blogging 101!

Well, here I am, finally tuning in to the Blogging 101 course on WordPress to really get things kick-started.  As you’ll see below, I’ve got a few posts already, but I’m happy to plug in to Blogging 101 and get connected.

My main reasons for blogging are pretty simple:  I want to enlighten my readers and share my personal reflections on the black experience.  I don’t necessarily want to get political, because I’m not looking for death threats and hateful retaliation.  I am looking for healthy dialogue, and I feel that a safe place to start exploring my ideas is by commenting on portrayals of African-Americans and people of color in film, television, pop-culture and video games.  I’m purposefully avoiding the music industry for starters, as this seems to be a topic all to itself, and I’m way more of a film buff and gamer than a music fan.

That being said, my second goal would be to build an audience for my fiction.  I’m writing short stories in the horror and weird fiction genres.  I will also write some historical fiction.

My third goal is to eventually make a full-time living as a writer.

On a personal note, I am an African-American male. I’m in my forties, married to my wonderful wife of 21 years, and raising two amazing teen-aged boys.  I’m an educator and activist (I’ve been a public school English teacher for over twenty years) and I am finally realizing my dream of becoming a full-time writer.

Whew! That felt good.  Thanks for all your support and welcome to my blog!


1 Comment

  1. How very cool and topical! It’s good to get yourself started and you’re probably sitting on a mountain of talent. I hope your blog spreads far and wide. You certainly express motivation. Looking forward to your posts!


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